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EDCO’s Bundled Collection Service

Commercial customers will subscribe to a bundled collection service, which will include trash, recycling, and organics collection, all under one collective rate.

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EDCO will provide each commercial customer with one 96-gallon recycling cart for weekly collection of commingled recycling as a minimum service level. Additional commercial recycling collection services can be provided for an additional cost in variable-size recycling carts and/or dumpsters, with the volume, collection frequency, and container type based on the business’s individual needs.

EDCO offers recycling programs that allow your employees and/or tenants to collect a variety of recyclable materials. To ensure program success, your EDCO representative can provide bilingual educational materials to support your program.

To get your recycling program going, we will:

  • Evaluate the benefits and costs of a recycling program in your complex.
  • Develop a recycling collection program to include: outside BLUE recycling containers and on-site recycling presentations.
  • Once the program is in place, start recycling!

Commercial Recycling Can Save You Money!

EDCO’s recycling program makes doing environmentally responsible things easy and can likely reduce your waste disposal costs. How? If you implement a recycling program, your business may reduce the amount you currently pay for trash collection.

By recycling, commercial customers can divert recyclable materials into separate, lower-cost containers and can potentially help reduce waste collection service and fees. A business with multiple weekly trash collection can typically save money by replacing more expensive trash containers with a lower-cost recycling program. For example, if your business has two 3-cubic yard dumpsters for waste serviced once a week, adding a 3-cubic yard recycling dumpster to your service may reduce your waste service to one 3-cubic yard dumpster once a week.

Please DO NOT recycle:
  • Paper Plates
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic Bags
  • Ceramics
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Mirrors
  • Tissue
  • Carbon Paper
  • Plastic Bags (NO plastic grocery sacks or newspaper delivery bags)
  • Disposable Cups/Plates
  • PVC Pipe
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

How much paper and cardboard is your business tossing into its trash container?

An average office worker can dispose of 1/2 pound of waste paper daily. Use the following equation to see how much paper you could be recycling:

___ number of employees x 0.5 lbs. of paper per day x 240 working days รท 2000

= ___ tons of paper your company discards annually


Global Recycling Crisis Puts Greater Focus on Recycling Contamination


Over recent years, there have been global concerns over the quality of recyclable materials, and these expectations are not going away.

China no longer accepts 26 types of recyclable materials into their country. Nearly 60% of recyclable materials generated in California are currently exported to China and other Asian markets. As a result, processing mills worldwide demand that recycling facilities ship only recyclables with less than one percent contamination, a significant change in material requirement standards. A minimal amount of contamination, such as garbage, green waste, or other debris, can ruin a complete load of recyclable material. The quality of recyclable material can impact your costs should contamination require recycling to be dumped as trash.

Please help us prevent and reduce contamination of recyclable material by reviewing the guidelines below and seeing what materials are accepted in our residential recycling program.

Additional Recycling Resources

Additional recycling resources, including videos, guides, and mandates, can be found in our Resource Center.

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